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Mindless Automaton Version History

  • Support sealed decks.
  • In card lists, right mouse button does View Card.
  • Correctly crop card art from new card images.
  • Update cardart URL to www.wizards.com.
  • Update http_fetcher to version 1.1.0.
  • Add to File menu: Load Card Data
  • Add to Action menu: Move Top Card of Library to Graveyard
  • Fix: Tell opponent when you load a new deck.
  • Fix bug that could crash when unplaying a card.
  • Fix sending non-ascii card names and messages to Apprentice.
  • Improve parsing of both cardinfo.dat and Oracle.txt.
  • Keep all dialog windows on top of the main window.
  • New icons in toolbars and menus.

v1.5 (7/18/2004)
  • Add feature to paint images on the playarea background.
  • Fix bug sending security code to opponent.
  • Improve: Mimic the behavior of apprentice as a server.
  • Improve: Detect when opponent disconnects.
  • Use /dev/random for shuffling.

v1.4 (1/25/2004)
  • Port to GTK 2.
  • Replace statusbar with more informative player status boxes.
  • Add ability to read cardbase from WotC oracle reference file.
  • If it can't find cardinfo.dat file, ask user for location.
  • Display tapped / attacking / etc. flags on face-down cards.
  • When opponent tapps a face-down card, don't reveal it's name.
  • Display message timestamp in message box.
  • Add shift-set-life dialogs.
  • Stop killing window managers while trying to get default window size.

v1.3 (7/3/2003)
  • Support Apprentice security codes.
  • Try to correctly display non-English letters.
  • Remove spaces from ends of card names in cardinfo.dat.
  • Remove mapping from Control-Q to quit.
  • Inform opponent when we peek at a face-down card.

v1.2 (10/17/2002)
  • If playing with "download card pictures" turned off, add ability to download card pictures through View Card dialog.
  • Don't crash if your opponent buries a card you're trying to view.
  • Translate some common non-ascii characters in cardinfo.dat.
  • Don't reveal cards as you drag them from your hand to your library.

v1.1 (8/31/2002)
  • When playing against M.A., allow you to view your sideboard and drag cards to and from it.
  • Fix bugs sending and displaying the number of cards in sideboards.
  • Add "move all to bottom" button in "top of library" dialog box.
  • Do not attempt to download art for token creatures.
  • Read playarea and console sizes from preferences.
  • Don't send double-quotes to Apprentice.

v1.0 (7/4/2002)
  • Add ability to download card images from www.wizards.com and display them in the play area and view card dialog.
  • Add ability to view the play area magnified.
  • Add to Action menu: Move graveyard to library and removed pile.
  • Allow opponent to rearrange cards in his library or graveyard.

v0.91 (11/17/2001)
  • Fix bug where an opponent's token creatures from the previous game would seem to be in his hand.
  • Improve shuffling algorithm.
  • Correctly decrypt cards with non-ascii characters, e.g. Aether Flash.
  • Add ability to save opponent's deck.
  • Support big-endian processors (PPC).

v0.9 (7/3/2001)
  • Don't crash when opponent disconnects.
  • Don't crash when starting a new game while connected.
  • Remove token creatures from deck between games.
  • Search cardart library most recent expansion first.
  • Allow dragging from the library tool (for millstone).

v0.81 (3/17/2001)
  • Fix bug where you could only view a zone once per game.
  • Fix bug where you could start to drag your opponent's card.

v0.8 (3/13/2001)
  • Support the Apprentice protocol.
  • Rename ~/.magicrc to ~/.mindlessrc.
  • Keep the input focus in the text entry.
  • Add a Sideboard dialog.
  • Respond to double-click in playarea.
  • Respond to move-up and move-down buttons in library dialog.

v0.7 (2/5/2001)
  • Display pictures in the cards on the playarea.
  • Add a fancy view card dialog box.
  • When you shift-drag a card, move it to the bottom of the zone.

v0.6 (2/2/2001)
  • Improve the protocol. Not backwards compatable.
  • Allow you to switch the controller of a card.
  • Give token creatures the requested color.
  • When you play a card while holding shift, play the card face down.
  • Allow user to cancel waiting for call.
  • Add opponent's card right mouse button menu.
  • Store playarea width and height in the preferences.
  • Make card templates look spiffier.

v0.5 (12/13/2000)
  • History of the universe begins.